America: It Will Remain

There have been a lot of words that have been shared with me about the election and the future of our nation.

The hopes about what tomorrow may bring for your home.

The fears for the future of your families.

The concerns about how the outcome of tomorrow night’s election may affect our country.

The truth is, in more than a few ways, we are a divided nation. We are a nation of conservatives and liberals, believers and atheists, hetero and homosexual and everything in-between. Some of you find issue with one belief or lifestyle, but this does not change the fact that they, that we, are still Americans. My own family, uniquely diverse in its beliefs for a black American family, is also full of conservatives and liberals, believers and atheists, hetero and homosexual and everything in-between.  Some of us find issue with each other’s beliefs or lifestyles, but this does not change the fact that we are still a family.

Rather than let our differences divide us, at the heart of everything we fight and argue about, it is our humanity which connects us, our spirit that drives us, and the belief that tomorrow could be better that burns the passions within us. My mom still has the strength to fight for her health, because she doesn’t believe that her life is dictated solely by the illnesses she has battled for many years. I want all of you to believe that we as a family, as a community, as a nation will also remain strong, no matter what trials we’ve faced or obstacles we’ve encountered. So as we all enter tomorrow with some trepidation in our hearts, tension on our minds and a bit of nervousness in our palms, do not give into the fear that you will lose what is most precious to you.

The home we were born into may not reflect the nature or nurture of our neighbors, but our neighbors they remain. In times of crisis, our neighbors hold open their doors to help us and watch our homes while we are away, for that is what neighbors do.The beliefs we hold may not reflect the beliefs of our families, but our family they remain. Through blood and bond, through happiness and hardship, our family cares for us, loves us, and fights for us, for that is what families do.The person that is elected to the Office of the President tomorrow may not be the person we agree with, or the person we believe will lead this country to a better future, but America it will remain. Though it will always have its faults, America also finds progress in adversity and triumph in its darkest hour.

Tomorrow may not be the future we envisioned, but with patience and perseverance, the future will be a tomorrow worth fighting for.