I break because I am fragile.

I was not born of stone, though I may find my rock. I am not everflowing like a river, because my water is but a cup. I must lose the pieces of me I once considered essential because when I break, I must be able to rebuild myself. I am fragile, I am weak, but only in understanding that can I realize how to be strong.

I hurt because pain is necessary.

My heart has been fractured. My trust has been betrayed. I am not born without feelings, for I was raised with a desire for love. But sometimes that desire becomes an unfulfilled wish. I must lose, for I need to accept the seasons of my heart, as I have always accepted the seasons that pass over the world.

I cry because I need to drain my spirit.

I am on a journey. I have been on many roads. I have been lost more than once, and I have tried to find my way while blind. The tears provide both confusion and clarity. For only when I allow myself to let my eyes flood with the blood of my soul can I navigate the path with reborn sight.

I heal because I have no choice.

Tomorrow will become yesterday until there are no more tomorrows. My trials will become verdict. My anxiety will become understanding. My sorrow will become instruction. I am not made of stone. I can be fractured. I may be lost. But I will become stronger. I will put myself together. I will forge a new path. I was not born of stone, but I am the stone on the water.

I live because;

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