The distance of fault. The distain of truth. The audacity of self. The past few days have revealed much about the state of our nation.

On Thursday, a female college graduate took pictures of herself with a high powered assault rifle on the campus of Kent State, the same school where, in 1970, four kids were killed and nine wounded during a mass protest against the bombing of Cambodia by United States military forces. She claimed any criticism of her was racist against her as a white woman.

On Friday, another young man who fetishizes guns and violence took his frustration out on the world. Ten dead.. And yet, concurrently, the NRA president blamed kids for being on drugs, while the Lt. Governor blamed abortion, video games, and schools having too many doors (really) and not enough guns.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States has claimed politicization on the FBI’s efforts to investigate collusion with foreign agents and other potential crimes, while simultaneously stating that any negative information about him is “fake news.”

The most harrowing development of recent months is our loss of humility. The continuous gaslighting on an uninformed electorate, lack of accountability, and dismissal of critique has us dangerously close to becoming a culture where quantifiable truth is obscured by the reliance of authority. Debate is impossible when facts are disposable. Growth is non-existent where learning is seen as negative. Evolution ceases where development is denied.

We as a society decided when Sandy Hook happened that guns are more important than kids’ lives. We cemented that when, after Parkland, we started painting the victims as villains.

We let our hate overpower our humanity when we elected a president who, rather than working in service of the people, is willing to destroy the very foundations of our Constitution in order to protect himself.

We allowed history to be forgotten and our future to be threatened when our government revoked voting rights prohibitions, mental health checks, education funding, and environmental protections.

The current direction we are in cannot continue. If we are to thrive as a society, if we are to build a future that puts people over profit, if we are to create a life that future generations can be proud of, we cannot simply shake our heads at the actions of others.

Read. Vote. Act. We have no one else to blame but ourselves, and we can no longer look in the mirror and assume it does not reflect our souls.

Enough is enough.

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